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Social & Adwords Lead Generation Algorithms


We offer professional Google AdWords and Facebook lead generation services to help your business generate higher quality leads, increase sales, and grow your customer base. Get more leads and sales with our free 30 day lead generation trial. No long term contracts. No expensive setup fees. No risk to you.


Thousands of one-time perfect campaign structures go through our rigorous comparative reality checks every minute. You’ve been in this business long enough to know that good insight and expert execution make a difference, every time. Our algorithms are accurate, adaptable, fast and most important – they work. We use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Deep Data Mining to power our unique, push-button automated cloud based SaaS platform – to analyze your campaigns on the fly and generate actionable insight. We’ll then use our state of the art reporting dashboard to display every recommendation we have for you, along with the predicted influence. Hit ‘EXECUTE’ – and it’s done.


Lasso & Elastic Net Predictions. Multiple regressions are generally used to make predictions based on more than one variable. Essentially, we could use data variables such as a country’s GDP, Per Capita Income, the number of doctors per 10,000 people, and unemployment rates, to predict life expectancy. Lasso and the Elastic Net algorithms provide a method that identifies which variables are redundant or highly correlated. In turn, the method aids in the elimination of the latter variables, so that more accurate predictions could potentially be made using fewer variables. We love short term predictive algorithms


It breaks down like this: Ants go on random walks looking for food and once they find it, head back to the nest. If the food source they found is substantial enough soon there will be a path (much like a goat trail in the mountains). In fact, the kept promise of the food source and the width of the path are directly related. The ants will mark the trail by secreting pheromones, but will stop doing so once the food source is used. The Ant Colony Optimization algorithm uses graphical data insights to find potential trails or paths solving for relatively complex computational optimization problems.


Simulated Annealing Algorithms. In Biochemistry, annealing is used to describe the process of heating (glass or metal) to a certain controlled temperature, and then allowing it to cool slowly in order to remove flaws and toughen the material. Once you assumed a certain set of configuration criteria you have started walking in a very specific path. Your search results may be great, but a different configuration may yield better results. This algorithm helps us find great trails when we have no idea where to start looking…It randomly alters all of our search criteria until an optimal trail temporarily takes the lead. At leats until a new one emerges.


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