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Kineto’s Player + Content + Ads


Kineto’s video technology enables smooth and effective serving of video content and ads across platforms, screens, devices and operating systems. Our fast-loading, agile video player is fully compatible with HTML5/Flash and supports all VAST and VPAID specifications.


Your site is only as good as the people it attracts. By adding quality video content to your site, you’re taking your visitors’ user experience to the next level. Captivating content is the way to bring quality visitors, and that’s what advertisers pay for. By partnering with Kineto Media, you enjoy an extensive media library of tens of thousands of professional, fully-licensed, high-production-value videos. With an inventory that covers 14 verticals and a wide range of interests – we have something for every one of your website’s visitors.


When you create a catchy, powerful, meaningful website, with great content and value for visitors who keep coming back for more – advertisers will keep knocking on your door. This is where we come in and help you monetize this process in the easiest, most effective manner, increasing your income effortlessly. When you partner with Kineto Media, we contribute premium video content to your site, adding value & additional inventory, which leads to more advertising revenues, raising your income.


Benefit from effortless & simple video integration. If you are new to video content, rest at ease – adding the power of video to your website is simple, and with our guidance it can take you less than five minutes. If you are already part of the online video revolution, and familiar with the extra benefits video content can bring to your site, you are welcome to integrate our tools and enjoy the perks available to Kineto Media’s publishers’ network.

Player Platform

with Kineto Metrics™ technology

Content Hosting

Let us do all the work


Free bandwidth

Integration Method

Embed code; Iframe tag; Java tag


We proudly offer an extensive video library that is constantly being updated. All videos are sorted for relevance and then matched across verticals. Our award-winning curators, led by Roi Werner, actively select and rate content. All videos are tagged and matched against market verticals. Our Kineto Metrics™ technology measures engagement and optimizes delivery on-the-go, making sure you get the best performance and top execution for your content.


When you join our network of publishers, you will receive a percentage of the advertising revenue garnered for presenting our videos on your site. We pay you, and you pay nothing.

See what we can do for you.